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Thank you for visiting the new Saint Jude Police League website. As president I am honored to share the history and future of the Saint Jude Police League with everyone. Our site highlights the mission of the Saint Jude Police League and our continued commitment to the men and women of the Chicago Police Department and their families.

Founded in 1932, the Saint Jude Police League is the oldest fraternal order associated with the Chicago Police Department. Traditionally, Saint Jude is a symbol of hope, especially during difficult times. The Saint Jude Police league supports the Chicago Police Department’s families in times of grief or distress by having spiritual and pastoral resources available to members and their families. The Saint Jude Police League coordinates the attendance of pastoral ministers at services such as wakes and funeral for deceased CPD members and their immediate families.

Additionally, every May, without fail, the Saint Jude Police League hosts the Saint Jude Memorial March. This march serves as a solemn and unified tribute to all deceased members of the Chicago Police Department; we march in memory of those that cannot. By honoring and remembering beloved deceased officers, the Saint Jude Police League provides hope and comfort to current law enforcement officers. It is the Saint Jude Police League’s philosophy that this support helps current officers fulfill their demanding law enforcement duties.

The Saint Jude Police League is a IRS 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The Board of Directors does not receive any compensation, and the Board is committed to maximizing every donation for the benefit of the Saint Jude Police League Members.

Thank you in advance for your support. If you have any questions please call us at 312-743-1384 or email us at


Dana Alexander


St. Jude Police League

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